Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Are you threatened by your husband about visa sponsorship?

Have you recently fled matrimonial home and have nowhere to go?

Are you suffering abuse for the sake of your child?

Has your husband deserted you?

Are you harassed for additional dowry?

UKWEN will provide appropriate guidance/advice but is not responsible for any financial assistance directly.


Women empowerment network supports women by providing required help at the right time, the right way, nurture women of all ages and enable them to build …


With the commitment of our volunteers, women empowerment network can offer a support network to women, children, vulnerable adults who face significant barriers in the day to day life …


A carefully chosen list of real-life examples, where we could successfully help women and their situation as we speak, all the names and identities are anonymised for privacy reasons.


Your donation will give a woman the chance to rebuild themselves a brighter future.